Simple and Inexpensive Tips for Longer Lashes

Lets’ face it, every girl desires longer and more beautiful eyelashes. While some girls are born with long eyelashes they like showing off, there are some ladies who aren’t so lucky. However, there are some tips and inexpensive natural products worth using to improve the length of a woman’s eyelashes.

It can be very beneficial to apply olive oil or vitamin E oil to your eyelashes at regular intervals. These natural oils help to strengthen your eyelashes and let them grow longer before they shed. Some woman also like to apply Vaseline for longer eyelashes as it has shown some benefit when it comes to longer lashes. The difference between using Vaseline and the natural oils is that while Vaseline has a tendency to clog pores, vitamin E and olive oil don’t have this problem. Vaseline is usually applied in the evening washed off the following morning. Although it’s fine to use olive oil or vitamin E oil during the day, it will be next to impossible to use it if you plan on applying mascara. It should come as no surprise that diet also plays a very important role in the health and appearance of your eyelashes. The right nourishment and multivitamins go a long way in helping you grow longer eyelashes naturally. You’ll find Biotin is typically recommended for strengthening of hair and nails so it stands to reason that it will benefit your eyelashes as well. Always talk to your doctor before taking any supplements or multivitamins on a regular basis, especially if you are taking prescription medication.

When you wear makeup, try to avoid letting your mascara dry out on your eyelashes as this can end up breaking your lashes. To help prevent your eyelashes from drying out, it’s helpful to use an eyelash conditioner like Ultracil before you apply your mascara. Many women have claimed to get longer eyelashes after trimming them however this is considered mostly myth. If you do decide to trim your lashes, proceed with caution or leave it to a professional. If you do it incorrectly, you’ll be stuck with your mistake and be waiting a long time for your lashes to return to their normal length. And when it comes to eyelash curlers, try to be very gentle. Many older metal clamp style curlers have a tendency to pull and break your eyelashes which is obviously something you want to avoid. One of the new heated eyelash curlers would be a better option. These more modern curlers use a small heating coil to assist in curling your lashes without causing the damage of the older models. Although it is a gentle heat, it’s still important to be careful when using any device like this near your eyes. Another benefit of the heated curlers is that you can use them before or after you apply your mascara, something that’s not possible with the clamp type curlers. Try these tips and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to having longer and more beautiful eyelashes without breaking the bank.

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