Latisse – The Prescription for Longer Eye Lashes?

If your local news has a Consumer Reports segment, you may have already heard of Latisse. There’s also an advertising campaign featuring Brooke Shields which is hard to miss. If you’ve never heard of Latisse, have a quick look at the Cosumer Reports video below or read their recent blog post.

In a nutshell, Latisse is a derivative of the glaucoma drug “Lumigan” and contains the same active ingredient (bimatoprost). The promise of longer lashes is enticing but before you head off to the doctor’s office, be sure to familiarize yourself with the potential side effects of using Latisse. There are many excellent over the counter cosmetic products that will help you achieve your goal of having fuller eyelashes. Follow some of our eyelash tips and try some of the popular lengthening mascaras before resorting to prescription drugs. If you do decide to talk to your doctor, make sure he or she is familiar with Latisse and be sure to ask them about the potential side effects.

Posted in Eyelash Products on Oct 05, 2009

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