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Idol Lash Review – Before and After Photos, Ingredients & Where to Buy

Idol Lash Homepage Table of Contents: 1. What is Idol Lash? 2. Idol Lash Application and Use 3. Clinical Trial Before & After Photos 4. Idol Lash Ingredients 5. Where Can You Buy Idol Lash? People are always looking for the best eyelash growth serum and after banners started appearing on the site we received [...]

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Latisse – The Prescription for Longer Eye Lashes?

If your local news has a Consumer Reports segment, you may have already heard of Latisse. There’s also an advertising campaign featuring Brooke Shields which is hard to miss. If you’ve never heard of Latisse, have a quick look at the Cosumer Reports video below or read their recent blog post. In a nutshell, Latisse [...]

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